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Super-Hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press

Super-hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press is a special equipment that offering pressure and temperature needed for synthesis of super-hard material, which produces ultra-high pressure through hydraulic system and high temperature through high-power current.

Brief Introduction:

The Super-hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press is specialized equipment that provides the pressure and temperature necessary for synthesizing super-hard materials. It generates ultra-high pressure through its hydraulic system and high temperatures through a high-power electric current. Our company's Super-hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press is developed based on independent innovation and possesses completely independent intellectual property rights. Currently, over 90% of synthetic monocrystal diamond production in China utilizes this equipment. Our press can create an ultra-high pressure and temperature environment of 4 to 6 GPa and up to 2000°C within a 100 cm³ area of the cell. It is the specialized equipment widely used for producing super-hard materials, researching high-pressure physics, advanced materials, and geophysics.

Technical features:

  • The press's geometric center in the three-dimensional space receives stress from six directions through the die of the carbide tungsten anvil. Simplifying the structure of the carbide tungsten anvil could decrease costs.

  • Six cylinders, hinged and secured by a hinge-beam, exhibit high strength and hardness.

  • The press is designed using 3D technology. The main stressed parts have been calculated and optimized through the Finite Element Method, ensuring a highly safe and reasonable mechanical structure.

  • Hinge-beams are made of integral alloy steel, refined by casting, and undergo a special heat treatment process, providing high strength and reliability.

  • The cylinders are forged from electroslag remelting steel, ensuring stable operation under high-pressure conditions and extending the equipment's lifespan.

  • Special equipment is used for numerical control processing on key parts, ensuring good interchangeability and centralized operation, allowing for synchronized work.

  • The hydraulic system incorporates a high-precision pressure transducer. The pressure control system uses frequency conversion technology and a proportional flow control valve to precisely manage the loading and unloading curve.

  • Ultra-high pressure is achievable using a booster or ultra-high pressure pump group, maintaining stable pressure over extended periods.

  • A high-precision displacement transducer is employed to accurately control the piston's working state, ensuring machine reliability and safety under high-pressure conditions.

  • High-precision power control technology is utilized in the heating system to precisely manage heating power.

  • Temperature direct measuring technology is used to timely measure the temperature within the cell, which acts as a feedback signal to accurately control the cell's temperature.

  • The press features temperature measuring technology for the anvil's pressure surface, a water coolant temperature and flow control system, and a hydraulic oil state control system, all contributing to the hydraulic press's increased operational reliability and repeatability.

Advantage of integrally forged cubic hydraulic press:

  • The hinge-beam blooms for the integrally forged cubic press are forged using the largest tonnage open die forging hydraulic press in China. This process results in a more compact material structure with increased strength after forging.

  • With the working cylinders and hinge-beams combined into a single unit, the structure of the main machine is more compact and lighter in weight.

  • The structure boasts ease of installation, a long service life, lower maintenance costs, and higher cost-effectiveness.

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