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China's first true triaxial hydraulic press was born in Guilin Guiye.

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

The President of Guilin Guiye Machinery, Mr. Qing, delivered a speech.

On October 21st, the first true triaxial six-face top hydraulic press in China, jointly developed by the Southern University of Science and Technology and Guilin Guiye Machinery Co., Ltd., and constructed by Guilin Guiye, officially rolled off the production line at the Baoshan High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in the Lingui District of Guilin. It is reported that this "first in China" high-end equipment is specifically tailored for the major national project - the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), and is one of its core pieces of equipment. It is the third of its kind in the world, following Germany and Japan. The successful development of the true triaxial hydraulic press not only declares that China has broken through foreign blockades in the field of high-temperature, high-pressure, high-end equipment manufacturing but also signifies that China has independently overcome critical technical challenges, setting a new milestone.

Researcher Liang Tianjiao from the China Spallation Neutron Source delivered a speech.

The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), located in Dongguan, is a national major scientific and technological infrastructure project and a large-scale research platform for cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary applications on an international level. CSNS was approved by the national authorities five years ago and has been in operation since, achieving a host of significant scientific results in fields such as aerospace, materials science, physics, chemistry, new energy, biomedicine, and electronic information in China. To meet the urgent major national needs, CSNS decided to enhance its research capabilities and expand its research fields by constructing high-resolution neutron diffractometers and high-pressure neutron diffractometers. The true triaxial hydraulic press is the core equipment for the high-pressure neutron diffractometer.

Professor Zhao Yusheng from Southern University of Science and Technology delivered a speech.

To jointly develop the true triaxial hydraulic press, Southern University of Science and Technology formed an expert team led by Professor Zhao Yusheng as the chief scientist and quickly scouted for a manufacturer in the national industrial field. "Guilin Guiye" had the honor of being selected by the experts. Despite Guilin Guiye's nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing high-temperature and high-pressure equipment, and its traditional six-face top hydraulic presses being exported to more than 20 countries and regions including the USA, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Southeast Asia, Guilin Guiye had never before manufactured a true triaxial hydraulic press. Chief Scientist Professor Zhao Yusheng personally took charge, from structural optimization to performance assurance, from production process to exterior dimensions, even to the detail of which direction a screw should be turned for the most scientific fit, he repeatedly scrutinized every detail. The expert team led by Southern University of Science and Technology made multiple trips to Guilin Guiye to collect experimental data at every stage, and team member Dr. Wang Pei even spent several nights in Guilin, working tirelessly with the technical staff of Guilin Guiye in the production workshops.

Unveiling of China's First True Triaxial Six-Face Top Hydraulic Press

After thousands of days and nights of dedicated research, every member of the project team has invested significant effort and energy. The technical leader from Guiye, Gong Shiyong, candidly stated that the exterior design of the press alone went through six revisions. "The hardest part wasn't the late nights of intense concentration; rather, the pandemic objectively brought numerous challenges to our research and development work," he said. He recounted an incident in April 2021, during a critical period for pandemic prevention, when he was taken by ambulance for a forced quarantine of eight days by local health authorities right after deplaning in Taiyuan to visit a supplier. "If not for these factors, this 'first in China' could have been born earlier."

In the words of the project experts, the true triaxial hydraulic press is a first in China, a large scientific device capable of simultaneously generating ultra-high pressure, high temperatures, and shear stress. This "first in China," installed behind the high-pressure neutron spectrometer BL15 line station co-constructed by Southern University of Science and Technology and the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), can be applied in major national fields such as characterization of new materials, exploration and extraction of oil and gas resources (including combustible ice and shale gas), carbon neutrality (geological storage of CO2), seepage mechanics, rock mechanics, earthquake simulation, and geological exploration.



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