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Список товаров

Гидравлический пресс для сверхтвердых материалов

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg



Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

HTHP Cubic Press Spare Parts, including anvils, steel rings, plates, working cylinders, and sealing rings, are essential for the efficient operation of cubic presses in artificial diamond production and high-pressure applications. Precision-engineered for extreme conditions, these parts ensure the press's structural integrity and performance, and can be customized to meet specific industrial requirements.

Cubic Press Spare Parts

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg


Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

Super-hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press is a special equipment that offering pressure and temperature needed for synthesis of super-hard material, which produces ultra-high pressure through hydraulic system and high temperature through high-power current.

Super-Hard Material Cubic Hydraulic Press

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg



Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

Synthesis Auxiliary Parts

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