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Cement production line

Cement production line project (from capacity 1000 tons to 3000 tons per day) including design, equipment fabrication, installation, adjustment, capacity guarantee and quality guarantee.

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

Lime production line

Our design uses vertical preheater, rotary kiln, vertical cooler machine composed of active lime calcination system, including raw material conveying system, firing system, finished product conveying system, kiln flue gas treatment system, coal grinding system technology, civil engineering, general layout, electrical and automation of preliminary design.

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg



Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg

Gypsum Powder Production Line

With the technology of calcination first and grinding second, raw material is conveyed into calcination equipment by feeder evenly, such as Rotary Kiln and Chukanabe, to dehydration. Based on different fuel, it can be external

Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg



Old Industrial Machinery_edited.jpg



Серия производственных линий

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